Why You Should Use an Email Newsletter Service

If you are a small business that needs to send out frequent email updates to a growing email list, then you should consider using an email newsletter service. Here's why! Designing good-looking emails has become more difficult over the past decade as technology has advanced, and there are so many different email programs out there that all display their messages differently. A good email newsletter service keeps up with these changes and makes sure their newsletters display correctly no matter where they are being read. An email newsletter service will make sure you are following all the required national standards for the sending of commercial emails. They also stay on top of the latest laws and restrictions within the email legal landscape so you don’t have to. Email spamming has become an ever increasing problem, and providers have put in place filters and protections that even good, honest email senders can get caught in. Using a reputable email newsletter service can ensure that your emails will not be considered spam, as the best services are well-known in the community An email newsletter service can provide you with statistics about which of your emails were read, which subject lines worked best, how many links were clicked inside the email. Knowing all this information is a great asset for you, as it helps you become a better email marketer by sending more effective and valuable emails.