What To Write in Your Email Newsletters

For both small and large firms, using an email newsletter is a smart, efficient way to communicate to clients. Whether you opt for an email newsletter service or use email newsletter software, here are some ideas for content that you can put in your newsletters. One of the most common uses of email newsletters is to inform clients of upcoming promotions or special deals. For example, a hair salon might use an email newsletter to inform clients that for the month of July, they can receive discounted haircuts when they colour their hair. Similarly, you can use your email newsletter to convey news about new additions to your business. For example, if you have recently hired a new employee, an email newsletter could contain a brief bio and a picture of your new employee. For another example, a dental office could use an email newsletter to inform clients of new x-ray imaging technology that they have recently acquired. In either case, you will be successfully reminding your clients of your services and giving them new incentives to return to your business.