Using an Email Newsletter Software Eliminates Most of the Technical Aspects

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email newsletterIf you are using email newsletter campaigns for your marketing, you will most likely need to use HTML coding. However, this may not be easy for a beginner who is not experienced in programming and this is where email newsletter software comes in handy. An email newsletter has grown to be one of the most convenient and easy methods to keep in touch with your prospects and clients. When looking at the technical aspects of managing your email newsletter, it is certain that you need a newsletter campaign, which is easily manageable. It should take as little time and efforts as possible managing the campaign. One thing you need to ensure is that your recipients receive the email newsletter and it does not land in the spam folder. Sending and managing your email newsletter using an email software program may still be a challenge. The mass email software may address the coding aspects but then again, there are things which you need to observe to ensure that your well-coded email newsletter is effectively delivered. This is why it has been noted that perhaps deliverability is the most challenging aspect in email newsletter campaigns. When sending your email newsletter, you may encounter problems like list management, display of emails different by the email reader software, and spam filtering traps. If you cannot embed images into the email newsletter using email clients like outlook, those images appear as attachments on the recipient's end. Therefore, if you want to brand your email newsletter with your logo, signature and other brand images, perhaps an expert in email software applications may assist you achieve this goal. It is most probable that as you carry out the process of creating email newsletter campaigns, you will encounter cases of adding more addresses to the list and removing others. You need to remove those recipients who have requested to be unsubscribed from the list. Similarly, you need to add those who have requested to be included in the list. This perhaps may require a lot of time. Using HTML email newsletters presents an opportunity for marketers and publishers to track rates for email opens, click-throughs, forwards, and other aspects, which help measure the readers' interest in products and information presented. This coding aspect helps present layouts that look like a web page thus offering a visually appealing presentation that is much easier to scan and navigate than plain text. Although some email providers have improved their support for cascading style sheet- CSS emails, others such as outlook 2007 present some challenges. Recently Microsoft substituted the original HTML rendering engine that was being used in Outlook with an engine, which is inferior in supporting CSS. This makes the aspect of delivering email newsletters still a problem for many and there is need for an expert to handle the process. Despite the advances in email campaigns, coding HTML email newsletter can be a misery and pain for not only the publishers and marketers but also the programmers. You need to ensure that when you are sending the email newsletter, it will display well in most of the email software programs. The biggest obstacle with HTML coding is that there are so many different software tools for reading emails and they range from Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, and Lotus Notes to the web based programs like Google Mail and Yahoo. Even with the aspect of cross browser compatibility, when it comes to email newsletter campaigns it is a bit different. Each of these tools can display the HTML coding differently and this is even made trickier by the aspect that readers size their windows differently when reading their emails. You may need to use HTML tables to control the design layout and other presentation on the email newsletter. Similarly, you may need to use inline CSS so that you control other presentation elements in the email newsletter like the fonts, colours and background something that needs the help of an expert.