Trying to understand Email Marketing

understanding emailNot everyone knows what email marketing actually is. It is a system for contacting potential clients and it is an easy way of doing this. It is one of the best ways, in this modern world, for relationship building, if done properly. Email marketing is a beautiful way of sending very creative messages, complete with HTML images and can also contain videos and sound bites. There are entire organisations created to provide the email marketing service marketers cannot do for themselves. The email marketing software, available in many places, does not work as well if those same marketers have no idea about inline CSS or are unaware of the necessary elements of a balanced marketing plan. One of the things left out of many of the e Books written on the subject is email marketing courtesy. While building a relationship with potential and current clients, complete with focused messages full of information that will help them make the decision for your product or service, there are other things to consider. Making it a focus of your day to send as many emails to as many people as you can, on the same day, should not be on the top of your list of things to accomplish. While building a relationship means providing information, hints and tips, it should arrive as a quality item, not as a quantity of emails piling up in their inbox every day. Email marketing is a lot of things but it is not rude. During this period, do not insult their intelligence; however, do not talk over their heads, either. Do not try to sell them on something using only the email as the sales page. Remember that not all email accounts accept or even treat HTML emails nicely. They can be broken up and the lines of copy will be moved around in ways that you did not expect nor does it look attractive. Using an email marketing service, such as Total Send, to provide the input, advice and experience in a variety of situations is appropriate.