The Value Of Building A Concrete Database For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

mass emailEmail marketing is essential to ensuring a fast return on investment for your business. However, it takes careful planning to make sure that your email marketing campaign will deliver desirable results. One of the things that you would need to tackle during your planning stage is how you will build a solid database. A solid email marketing database is vital because much of the revenue will come from customers who learned about your company’s products or services through email newsletters. Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Email Marketing Database: How much time and effort can I spend in building a network? The answer to this question is vital because it will determine the entire course on how you will be building your email marketing database. Most start-up companies begin by introducing their business to the local market. They hold launch parties, host outdoor activities, and even conduct free seminars for their target market. During these events, they will ask guests to fill in forms wherein they will be asked whether they would like to receive newsletters and announcements via email. If you don't have the time or resources to host these types of events, you can opt to use social networking sites to your advantage. This method is easier, time-efficient, and a lot cheaper but one disadvantage is that it can be quite impersonal thus making it a tad bit harder to get people to sign up and receive email marketing messages from your company. However, with the right approach and offerings, building your email marketing database through this method won't be a problem. What other types of information do I want stored in my email marketing database? This is another important thing that you would need to think about when planning for your email marketing database because it determines how you will be interacting with your prospects. Aside from email addresses, it is important that your email marketing database contains information on your target market. What do they usually look for? Where are they from? These are things that you, as the head behind the email marketing campaign, should know so you have an idea on what types of email to send. Do I want to limit my email marketing campaign to opt-in email addresses or do I want to extend it to cold prospects? This is a sensitive topic that requires thorough thinking because sending email marketing messages to addresses that didn't give you authorisation to do so will put your email at risk of getting blacklisted for spamming. However, it gives you a good chance of turning cold prospects into clients. On the other hand, by limiting your email marketing campaign to opt-in addresses, you will be allowed to focus on those that are already interested in your business. Total Send encourages all email marketers to acquire opt-in lists as they provide the best return on investment. How automated do I want my email marketing database to be? This will actually depend on the functionalities of the software application you will be using.  Most email marketing software applications allow users to set the frequency to which it will automatically send out emails. However it is important to keep in mind that by law, you should give email address owners the choice to opt-out of receiving email marketing messages from your company.