The Etiquette of Email Marketing

mass emailEmail marketing is arguably becoming the most powerful tool for growing a customer base. As a result, many businesses are looking for the slightest opportunity to reach out to their current and prospective customers through email marketing campaigns. However, these email marketing campaigns can easily be abused and there is need to observe certain precepts in order to get credibility from the recipients. Therefore, if you are considering setting up an email marketing campaign to grow your customer base, then you should consider several things first. The most important and critical aspect of growing your customer list should be based on value, meaning that your customers must first of all value what you are offering them as much as you value them as customers. In order to succeed in your email marketing, you must gain your customer’s trust and concede to them that you respect their privacy. You should use your company name or business name when you send the email marketing campaign. In your effort to win trust from your customers and would be customers, you should desist from misleading your customers from believing that your email marketing campaign is coming from anyone else other than you. More importantly, your email marketing message needs to be truthful. Owing to the fact that people are very busy and might not have so much time on their hands, you should consider making your email marketing message as short and to the point as possible. If the point you are trying to make is too long, you will end up losing your audience. You should use short and concise sentences and if possible, they should be in point form. Your email marketing message should give your readers only what is necessary and you should endeavour to stick to the point. Growing your email marketing list will take time. And as the adage goes, nothing good comes easy. Taking the appropriate time to grow your email marketing list will help you get a list filled with customers who value the information that you are giving. You also need to select your subject appropriately. If the subject is not well selected, your email marketing might not pass the spam filter test, this will result in having your email marketing campaign sent to the spam or junk box. However, if the mail passes your targeted customer might not read it. The subject line of your email marketing newsletter will contribute a huge percentage to the success of your email marketing campaign. For a successful email marketing campaign your subject line needs to be catchy in such a way that your customer cannot resist and if possible include your customer’s name. This creates a huge impact, as the recipient will identify with you. In summary, email marketing has grown to be an important tool for a growing customer base. Additionally, in order to succeed in your email marketing campaign you need to ensure that you observe crucial email marketing etiquette. First, use short and concise email marketing message. Second, ensure that your email marketing message contains your business name and offers value to your customers. Finally, choose your email marketing subject appropriately.