Proper List Management: An Integral Aspect When Using an Email Marketing Software

list managementManaging your email list is important if you are to succeed in an email marketing campaign. If you are using an email marketing software product and you do not manage your list effectively after every campaign, chances are that you will have your business blacklisted by ISPs and anti-spam groups thus rendering the entire campaign flawed. If you have a large and active list of recipients, you need to monitor activities of these emails through your email marketing software and make essential updates as required. In the struggle to get your email marketing software deliver content or newsletters to the subscribers' inboxes, you may encounter challenges. Having bad email addresses and improperly managing the subscribers can negatively affect deliverability of campaigns with your email marketing software. You need to identify the non-viable emails and scrap them out of the list and this should be an ongoing process. When you manage the non-viable emails, you not only improve deliverability but also get more realistic email marketing software application stats. There are two important metrics you should consider when evaluating the viability of your email list. And, they include the bounce rate and unsubscribe rate. When you send a marketing campaign with an email marketing software, whether a newsletter or a promotional material, you will get email bounces. There are soft bounces and hard bounces. The former (soft bounces) refer to messages that were not delivered by the email marketing software because the recipient was temporarily unavailable. This aspect can be caused by server downtime or over quota of the email account. On the other hand, a hard bounce refers to undeliverable messages and this could occur due to expired email accounts, wrong email addresses that never existed or mistyped addresses when using email marketing software. Hard bounces need to be acted upon swiftly because if you keep on sending mails through the email marketing software and the server repeatedly tells you that the email does not exist, you risk your messages being blocked in future. The servers may also communicate with other servers and flag your email path. Soft bounces need also be evaluated and acted upon appropriately. If you experience soft bounces when using your email marketing software and especially those that occur 3 times in a row, you may consider clearing them from the list. Nevertheless, you may have soft bounces occurring because a recipient or customer is on vacation for more than 3 days. Clearing the recipient's email from the list could do you harm in managing your campaign. You may lose viable or potential subscribers who may be unreachable temporarily due to unavoidable circumstances when you delist them. When using email marketing software, it is recommended that your bounce rate not exceed 20 per cent. A low bounce rate is important in order to ensure that you are not flagged as spam. Most spam filters examine how many bad email addresses an email marketing software application may be sending messages to. If you have high number of bad addresses where you send mails, it is most likely that spam filters will assume you are using a phished, stolen or bought email list. The other aspect you need to examine when using email marketing software is the unsubscribe rate. This is the number of recipients who unsubscribe when they receive your mails. You need to have an unsubscribe rate of less than 1 per cent and if you notice that it is beyond this range, it is likely that your recipients do not like the content and you need to revisit your email marketing campaign. Any unsubscribe request derived from your email marketing software use should be handled immediately.