Making the best out of email marketing – Is it possible?

email marketing
email marketingDid you know that email marketing is one of the cheapest ways of direct marketing available to every business, whether it’s an established brand or a newly started venture? Surprisingly, email marketing is also one of the first methods to backfire and make a business’s lose many valuable customers. So that brings us back to the question. What can be done to make sure that your email marketing plan gives high returns? Email Marketing Is All About Timing: Once you have a customer list, it simply does not pay to send them an email marketing newsletter, or for that matter any number of email marketing newsletters, just because there is email with marketable content available. Email marketing is all about perfect timing, especially if you want definite and measurable results. Time your email marketing newsletter based on various factors. If it is a product which will wear out with time, remind your customers based on their purchase history. If it is something which will lose value at the end of a definite period of time, use email marketing to remind your customers to renew. If your product is of the right kind, which will benefit them by use with related products, use email marketing to cross sell such products. Build Your Business The Email Marketing Way: As the most efficient and effective way to build your business and your customer base, email marketing should be used with caution. Take all measures to protect your reputation by making your email marketing newsletters user friendly. Make sure that email marketing is sent only to subscribers who request or have explicitly agreed to receive such information. Have clear records showing subscription, whether by phone or sales receipt copy or the product email marketing website. Clear options to subscribe and unsubscribe, well designed user friendly formats, reminders to the customer about what the email marketing newsletter is for, regular updates or modification of subscribers lists and targeted email marketing based on unopened emails and consumer behaviour are some simple ways to go about it. Transparent Crisp Information in Email Marketing: It’s a busy world and that said, customers do not have the patience to read through the clutter. The key to having a unique selling proposing in email marketing is to keep it sweet and short. Get straight to the point and your customers will thank you for it. Furthermore, aim for transparency in email marketing by relating to real world experiences, customer reviews and product comparison guides. Such email marketing will make it easy for customers in their decision making process and create trust about the genuine nature of your product. Email Marketing Through Technology Friendly Emails: Ultimately the aim of your email marketing is to make sure that your customer at least skims through the information presented. So make email marketing mobile friendly by clear text of bigger size, space to scroll through and easy to navigate information. The more technology friendly your email marketing is, the more it will encourage customer and user interaction. With email marketing newsletters, you are sure to taste success if you just take the time and effort to plan and implement your marketing campaign taking into account the changing technology among other factors.