Key Elements You Need To Include In Your Email Marketing Newsletter

email newsletterNow that you have decided to start an email marketing campaign through the use of an email newsletter, what sorts of things do you believe should be included in your first email newsletter to create the best case for your product or business possible? Here are a few suggestions you may consider: Human interest pieces: Do you have a particularly successful client who has a compelling story to share about how your business or product made a real difference for their lives? If so, you may want to include human interest pieces that focus on them. Unlike testimonials, these stories only focus specifically on one person, and are composed of more than just a single “sound bite” that talks about how great your product is. Testimonials: As mentioned above, testimonials are normally a very short quote from a client that talks about how great your product or business is. Since these are shorter, easier to read, and immediately grasp than human interest pieces, clients may be able to speed through them quicker, even if just opening your email newsletter for a few moments. Links to prevalent webpages: Does your company already maintain a social media account, website, or a blog about their business or other related topics? If so, embedding links can help you get that news out to clients, in order to get you more followers, and more hits per day. Embedded video: Do you have a particularly powerful commercial that you are proud of and would like to expose more possible clients to? If so email newsletters have the exciting ability to embed videos or links. By doing this, you can rest assured that even though clients opening your email may not read the entirety of it, they may still be tempted to click on a video that will take them only a few moments of time to watch and process. Upcoming events: If you have special events that are targeted directly toward clients, you can spread the word by also including these in your email newsletter. This means that your event, no matter what you are planning, will be better publicised, and, hopefully, better attended. At these events you could have the possibility to meet with both old and new clients, or convince those still on the fence about your business or product. General news: Do you have an exciting new product development you would like to make your clients aware of? Or perhaps a new, prominent client has taken you on, and you want to let others know. Email newsletters make this possible. Clients can be kept up-to-date on all developments within your business. These are not all the options you have for things to include in your email newsletter, just simple suggestions. Our professionals will help you to figure out what types of items to include in your email newsletter so that your email marketing campaign is the best it can possibly be. Let them help you and your business today.