Improve sales with an email marketing service

Want to create email marketing surveys with ease and develop effective email marketing campaigns to grow your business all the while getting much needed support and a little bit of coaching? Then you are in luck! Total Send's email marketing service gives you the opportunity to efficiently manage campaigns and truck results. Its advanced analytics help generate detailed statistics that are necessary for reaching your customer base and pushing forward successful marketing efforts. Smart segmentation, advanced subscriber search and third party database synchronization are key features of Total Send's email marketing service success. Stay connected to your existing customers and effectively reach new potential clients with an email marketing service that meets your business needs. Whether you need to grow your brand, drive up sales through deals and coupons, and an email marketing service that allows you to tailor and customize your campaign to suit your targeted audience and achieve your intended outcome is key. Total Send's close relations with internet service providers (ISPs) guarantees high email deliver-ability therefore easing concerns of your promotional emails and customer surveys ending up in the spam box. With anti-spam features that detect and handle bounces, you are able to filter spam complaints and manage suppression lists for future campaign efforts. Total Send's email marketing service enables you to send bulk emails to your client base and customized email newsletters, with attractive graphics, that help to personalize your campaign and more effectively promote your brand. Get our email marketing service free trial account NOW!