Importance of bulk email software in email marketing

There are many reasons as to why every business should consider having bulk email software. Just like any other direct marketing strategy, any marketing tool that is sophisticated, has easy to use features and offers support may mean more money in your bank account. If you need to run your email marketing campaign effectively and efficiently, the bulk email software from Total Send is just what you need. This will help you organise a mailing list that you can use to send messages to large numbers of people. Gone are the days when one would toil away sending tonnes of emails manually. If you are looking for software that can send emails to large numbers of prospective clients, then you definitely need bulk email software. Bulk email software from Total Send is specifically designed to send large numbers of personalised emails to large numbers of subscribers. This bulk email may be in the form of newsletters, marketing updates, announcements and so much more. Bulk email software also enables you to send your emails in either simple text or HTML which is usually very attractive in appearance. If you wish to send HTML emails, then you will first need create the HTML version of the email and then upload it to your Total Send account. To do this successfully, however, you will need to have a little knowledge on HTML coding and CSS (specifically in-line CSS). If you are not very proficient in HTML, you can use the many templates provided on the site. Here are just a few reasons why you need to have bulk email software: Ability to personalise bulk emails With the help of bulk email software it is now easy to personalise large numbers of emails before you send them out to the clients. Our bulk email software usually support an unlimited number of custom database fields for any kind of personalisation that you may need. Easy management of bouncing back mass email When sending large numbers of emails at one time, there is high chance of some emails bouncing back due to various reasons like invalid email addresses, full inbox of the recipient and so on. Total Send handles all of the bounces in your mailing list and will give a report on all bounces both hard and soft. Tracking of bulk email responses One of the best features that come with bulk email software is that you are able to track a detailed report on the number of people that have visited your webpage or any other URLs from the mass emails that you had sent, using Google Analytics integration. This report will give you a good idea on how your email marketing campaign has performed.