How to create an effective an Email Marketing Newsletter

email marketing newsletterIt is common for people to find an email marketing newsletter in their mail boxes every now and then. The reason for this may be because an email marketing newsletter is a tried and true way of reaching your existing and prospective clients. Since they have become an essential part of a marketing plan, there is an increasing need for companies to step back and review there newsletters carefully before sending them out. Here are a few things to look out for when creating an email marketing newsletter.

Mobile friendly email marketing newsletter

More and more people are accessing their emails through their mobile phones. If your audience is moving in this direction, the most logical thing is to ensure that you create an email marketing newsletter that is not just PC-friendly, but mobile friendly as well.

Right images

This may seem like a no brainer to many people, but there are still many images that are included in the newsletters that are irrelevant and ineffective. Your email marketing newsletter is probably already branded so try not to include more logos in the body. The most clicked on images are the ones that are large enough, support the content of the newsletter and generate curiosity. If you are looking to generate traffic to your web page through the newsletter, ensure that your images are both intriguing and hyper-linked.

Headlines and subject lines

When a reader opens an email marketing newsletter, they often skim the headlines and only read what looks important to them and ignore the rest. To counter this, keep the headlines short but full of benefits to the reader. This applies to the subject lines too. Make sure the information is relevant to the email marketing newsletter. Too much personalisation does not mean a higher open rate so avoid sounding desperate to stay away from the spam folder.

Plan ahead

Make sure you always have content for your email marketing newsletter by keeping an editorial calendar at the start of each year. You can use it as a guide as new content comes in through the year. This way you will have a backup plan when you don't have any fresh content.

Sell the newsletter and take advantage of social media

At the end of the day, you are trying to sell something. Whether it be a product or an idea. Even though you don't want your email marketing newsletter to look like a print ad or webpage, it should always have a call to action for your subscribers. You can ask your target audience to keep reading, download the newsletter, sign up or click on an image. When you are done with your latest email marketing newsletter, one of the best ways to increase its effectiveness is getting the word out. You can post or share it on social media sites and get it on your website. You can also request your readers to share it on with their friends so as to get it in front of as many people as possible.