How important is mobile in email marketing?

In a short answer, mobile is more important than web when it comes to email and email marketing. The focus of all your email marketing should take mobile into account in every way. From the way you code your html, to the way you format your plain-text version of the email (hopefully you always have a plain-text version), everything should be catered for mobile readers. Why are that mobile users are so important? What justifies the dramatic focus on mobile? The answer is simple, the majority of people who own email accounts read their emails on a mobile device. This number is still growing and at a rapid rate. So it stands to reason that if most of the readers of your email marketing are reading it on a mobile device, then surely if your email newsletter is not optimised for mobile and thus is displayed incorrectly or not at all, that it would be a complete disaster. You can see now how important it is to cater to mobile users so now let’s talk about how exactly to go about doing that. The most obvious thing to think of when putting together your email marketing newsletter is size. Mobile devices have significantly smaller displays and it can cause a serious problem if something is “too big” to fit on the screen and it isn’t seen correctly or at all. The next thing to keep in mind is the html code. Not all mobile devices support most html and this means you will need to create as simple a mailer as possible whilst keeping all your styling in-line to ensure it is displayed universally. Lastly and most importantly is to have a plain-text version of the email. This is essential as if all else fails, the user can still read the content and access links in your email on any device. This also goes a long way in preventing your email marketing newsletter being marked s spam as some spam filters make a plain-text version a requirement.