Formatting Your Email Marketing Newsletters

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blank emailAlthough many companies make use of email marketing, not many do it correctly. The formatting of your email marketing newsletters needs to be done correctly if you really want to reach your target audience. The first thing to think about when using email marketing software to set up your newsletter, is what is going to be most important to your reader. An email that starts out with marketing is less likely to be read than one that starts with information that is pertinent to the reader. This information could be important developments in your company or in the industry. The next items that you should have in your email marketing newsletter are more interesting facts and news items from your industry. A good idea would be to write about the events on your website and link to the articles on the site from the newsletter. The articles could then have some marketing on the page or a call to action of some kind. The last item should be your marketing information. The idea is to make the recipient of your email feel as though the purpose of the mail is to provide information not to market. They will then be likely to feel as though you think informing your customer is important and thus be more likely to buy from you rather than your competitor that sent a newsletter that was all marketing. Email marketing only works if you can actually interest and engage your readers. If you use an email marketing service it is a good idea to make sure that you provide the general idea and let them word the email. This way, the message will come across more clearly as it is written by people who are experts in reaching people. Email marketing can work. It just has to be done correctly.