Factors that could seriously affect your email marketing

Many people who use email marketing run into a similar problem in their experience with it. At one point or another they will notice that their deliverability will drop significantly seemingly without cause. This is a shock to most people and often they are confused because they had not changed any part of their email marketing practice. Most of the time when this happens, there are 2 main factors that are the cause, both of which are the result of email marketing practices being incorrectly done from the word go. The first and most obvious factor is that the sender may be blacklisted. Email marketing may seem simple enough and the rules of spam may seem black and white. It may seem that if your subscribers asked to be mailed that you have full rights to send them any of your emails. Also if a subscriber did not explicitly ask for your mailings then you will be spamming them if you do. This may seem the case but the rules in email marketing are not so easily defined. Spam, in this day and age is defined by more than just emails you did not ask for. It is defined by the cause of the recipient’s action of clicking the “This is spam” button. This damning action is more often than not the result of someone’s lack of interest in the email then the email itself actually being spam. For this reason, being relevant to the subscribers you send bulk email marketing to should be of the highest priority. The second factor ties in closely with the first, and can be summarised as the consistency of your email marketing practices. Routine and consistency in email marketing are so vital to its success that even a small change like sending a mailer out one day later than usual can have a massive effect on the campaign as a whole. People are used to their routine and somewhere in it you fit in. Instead of trying to set your subscribers routines for them, cater to their needs or you will fall short of your efforts without so much as a “by the way” from your subscribers. They are the key to your success so treasure their needs and they will reward you for it. All this being said. If a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe from your mailings and would like to opt out, let them. It is better to let someone go willingly then to hold onto a person with a grudge or to make it difficult to opt out. It is counter-productive to spend your time and effort sending to those who do not want any of it.