Email Newsletters Keep Customers Clicking

An email newsletter can serve many functions: to inform, educate, advertise, and promote.  This form of mass communication with a global reach also creates a link between customer and product or can supplement other email marketing campaigns. Email Newsletters are a great way to maintain relationships with customers and build profit by driving clicks and cash to your website. Although social media sites are a great way to communicate with large groups of people, email marketing has the highest return on investment in digital marketing. This is most likely because you're not fishing for new customers, you're giving current customers what they want, what they already asked for. These subscribers want to open your email newsletter because they are interested in what's inside. Using an email newsletter software program is highly recommended for these campaigns because most services offer an easy to use, professional template to follow, along with support, tips, and updated strategies - most likely delivered right to your inbox - once you subscribe! These publishing platforms that email newsletter services provide make it easy to keep customers coming back and spending money.