Email Marketing Software, Is That All You Need for Your Campaigns?

mass email marketingCertainly Not! An email marketing program will provide just a tool for making the campaigns more effective and result oriented. Email campaigns have become so popular because they can achieve targeted results, are cost effective, and environmentally friendly. When utilised properly, email marketing campaigns can turn around the sales and brand awareness initiatives of a company. But, what makes email marketing campaigns fail despite using software programs designed to deliver the content? The answer to this question is best addressed by how marketers manage their campaigns and lists of recipients. Coding is a problem to many email marketers but then again, this aspect is taken care of by the email marketing software products designed to eliminate technicalities in the campaigns. For sure, coding can cause headaches for many marketers but thanks to the use of pre designed email marketing template themes. The coding is already done for you. If so, why do marketers still encounter problems, which make their email marketing ineffective or unable to deliver any tangible results? Even with the software, you need help from professional email marketers. You need to have a thorough understanding on how you can carry out a successful email marketing campaign. It goes beyond the use of an email marketing software product. One most important thing is that you need to keep the layout simple and focus on the message and not your design skills and craftiness. When you are posting images in an email marketing campaign, they need to be done on publicly accessible web server. Some email programs store attachments in temporary cache folders that are randomly named. HTML email marketing problems are not uncommon and considering that email services use different HTML rendering engines like Firefox, outlook 2007 and internet explorer, you may have to encounter many challenges. It is essential that you have an expert in email marketing campaigns to help you out in the process.  If you are coding your emails, do not do it too wide. Most recipients view messages in preview panes and these are narrow and small. For instance, the preview panel in AOL 9 is basically less than 200 pixels wide and if you code for 1024 x 768 pixel screens, you may have some of the email marketing content not displayed. These are aspects that can be handled by an email marketing expert. Recipients using webmail services that are browser-based such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo can experience problems because these browsers will strip out your head tags, body, and doctype tags. The reason is that they do not want your code to override theirs. If anything, it is better you code inside those tags to avoid your email marketing content not displaying properly. Other files like JavaScript, embedded CSS, and background music files may be stripped. Another aspect that may pose problems when delivering your email marketing content is cascading style sheets- CSS. This is a style that defines how to display HTML elements in an email marketing page. More than 99 per cent of CSS will not work especially in the browser-based email services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. This means that there may be no need for CSS positioning. For email marketing professionals who do their own HTML coding, they do understand that CSS is not fully supported by all different email programs. For example, embedded CSS will often break in webmail applications like YahooMail and Gmail. In order to ensure that it works properly, you may have to turn it all into inline CSS. This is just tedious and you would better have an expert in email marketing to handle these technical aspects because they can be overwhelming leading to ineffectiveness in your campaigns.