Email Marketing Services at a Glance

  An email marketing service offers a method of directly marketing commercial messages to a targeted group of people through email. An email marketing service involves the use of email to request business, send ads, solicit sales and donations as well as build trust, loyalty and brand awareness.   Here are some of the advantages of using an email marketing service:   Reduced time and effort It takes a lot of time structuring a direct business to consumer campaign and the most common offline direct marketing techniques which are print, postal mailings and telesales campaigns are both tedious time consuming, and high in cost. With an email marketing service, working out your marketing strategy can be done in less than two hours. Personalised messages Since telesales, print and radio advertising campaigns are usually tailored to fit all, it is difficult to communicate to your customers in a personalised way. An email marketing service opens a door to more dynamic opportunities in that you are not only able to send personalised messages to your clients, but you are also able to feed in personalised data like their name, purchase history and their preferences. Segment user and Customer database information Since you are able to segment your database of customers by email, it is possible to send marketing campaigns that are extremely targeted and this will result to increased sales conversions because they address clients more specifically. More frequent communication When compared to other marketing and advertising campaigns, email takes the shortest time to create and send and thus it is easier to communicate with your clients more often. For instance, where you would normally be able to¬† send your clients a flyer or a catalogue just once a month, an email marketing service gives you a chance to do this maybe once a week. It is however advisable to not send marketing emails to your clients more than once a week because you would not want your list of clients to flag your advertising a spam. Reduce overhead costs Using an email marketing service can be done at a minimal overhead cost since you will not need tonnes of employees, market analysts or designers. There will be no printing costs, telephone costs, postal mailing costs and other costs that come with other marketing campaigns. An email marketing service saves you a lot of money and is still an effective marketing strategy.