Email Marketing in 2013

Email marketing has been used for as long as the internet has been around and email marketing is no less prevalent in 2013. Even though the latest spam filters and programs have been a big impediment on email marketing, using the correct strategies can be both beneficial to a business’s email marketing and to the client who receives the email marketing. Email marketing has been favoured by many businesses because its return on investment is much higher when compared to other methods of direct marketing. People are spending more time online and checking their email marketing more often and thus email marketing is important to any business. Email marketing does not necessarily mean sending spam email marketing messages to clients; this would actually push them away instead of appealing to them with good email marketing. There are a few tips that one can employ if you want to run a successful email marketing campaign. Short and sweet Email marketing should be short and straight to the point. Always use direct language when possible if in your email marketing you want to show your readers that you respect them. If a message is short, most readers will be more likely to go through the entire message and this is what every email marketing strategy should hope to achieve. Short and personal subject lines that are not written entirely in caps often have the highest rates of clicks in an email marketing campaign. Also make sure that the subject line relates to the message in the email marketing because tricking readers to open an email marketing message is a bad email marketing move and can get you flagged as spam. Personalise your email marketing to pique interests A reader is always curious to find out more if they think that an email marketing message is directed at them personally. Personalising email marketing with the clients name in the subject line is great but may not be enough. To expand on the personalisation, you can use Total Send’s custom fields to place more personal customer information in the email marketing. This may include a purchasing history that will help you determine the kind of products/services that appeal to a particular client. Use past success Take a look at any email marketing campaigns that your business has sent before (if any). This will give you an idea on what aspects made the email marketing campaign successful and what strategies you need to potentially throw out the window. It is possible to achieve superior results if you combine successful aspects from previous email marketing campaigns with fresh new ideas that you have for your current email marketing campaigns. Tracking of all email marketing data is crucial for creating strategies that work. The email marketing data will help you decipher effective email marketing campaign strategies and it will be a wealth of information for future email marketing campaigns. Clean up your mailing list One of the main aspects of email marketing is to market to both current and potential clients. One of the biggest email marketing mistakes that some businesses make is the use of outdated email marketing mailing lists. Sending unsolicited email marketing to people who are not interested can only be described as annoying and this is not what any marketer wants to achieve. An effective email marketing campaign involves cleaning up the email marketing list by updating unsubscribe requests and further growing the list with confirmed opt-ins.