Email marketing: how to encourage existing customers to join your mail list

email marketing
Email NewsletterThe most valuable clients to have on your email marketing list are existing and previous clients. So what are the best ways to ensure that they are in your email marketing list? When building an email database, your previous and existing clients are often considered as easy target. Here are a few practices that an email marketing company can employ when recruiting previous and existing clients to the mailing list. Use an opt in form when clients check out or register The most streamlined and easiest way to capture the email addresses and consent of your clients to opt-in to your emailing list, is when those clients register or purchase from your site. In both of these instances, the customers will need to provide their email addresses in order to receive information such as  login details, purchase receipts and any other customer communication. Since they are already willing to provide you with these details, it is the perfect opportunity to request them to allow you to send them additional information and offers. Use a negative consent Opt-in form There are two ways that an email marketing company can construct an opt-in check box where the clients can input their email addresses. There is a positive consent form where the users check the box in order for them to be on the email marketing list. The text next to the box may say something similar to “check this box to receive deals and special offers from us” A negative consent form on the other hand, is already checked and users must uncheck if they do not want to receive emails from you. If this is the case, the text next to the box may read something like “uncheck this box if you do not wish to receive emails from us in future” Clear value proposition When it comes to your existing or previous clients, giving them a compelling reason to join your email marketing list is no different from when you want to get new clients. Even though they already have a relationship with your company, product or brand, it is not a guarantee that they will allow you to send them emails. Ensure that you give your clients a clear value proposition as to why they should be on your email marketing list. These may include discounts, exclusive offers, monthly contests, useful information and anything else that seems enticing enough for them. Assure privacy This practice applies anytime you solicit clients to join your email marketing list, regardless of any previous relationship with you. Ensure that you assure users of your commitment to your privacy policy and that you will not sell, share or rent their email addresses. Users have become more aware of how valuable their personal information can be on the internet and that is why they need assurance from email marketing companies that their information will be kept private. Using these practices, existing clients will not only join your email marketing list; they are most likely to respond to the information and offers that you send to them.