Effective email marketing and what it’s about

email questionEmail marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods available, despite widely held notions that social media is now a more effective way to market products the fact remains that email marketing is more popular than ever and companies specialising in email marketing services are booming. However because it is so easy to use it is also easy to abuse. Remember to address recipients with their name: Email marketing which does not include the client name feels like spam, so don't do it.Email marketing newsletters are a good way to get information to your clients as they contain all important information your client needs to know, just make sure that the newsletters look professional. Learn from spammers: by looking at spam mail you can learn one thing, how NOT to be a spammer. Motivate people: try to get people to sign up to your newsletter by offering them bonuses. With Newsletters, remember to keep the fun and interesting stuff on top and the boring stuff at the bottom. Make sure your Email marketing newsletter looks good, not just in your email program, it has to look good in all major email programs. Flowery words alone won’t keep people interested so don't forget to make the content clearly visible. Also, use a template that people will recognise. Finally make it easy for users to change their email address, and have an unsubscribe button, better to have no subscribers than unhappy ones.