Don’t Let Spam Filters Spoil Your Email Marketing Campaigns

mass emailWith the increase in digital marketing avenues, marketers are using more and more sophisticated email marketing technologies. Research has proved that email marketing is a far better way for organisations to reach out directly to a large prospective customer base. With the increase in spam volumes across the world, the ISPs have implemented much stricter norms to filter out spam, it is also more difficult for the marketers to ensure that the email marketing campaign does not fail due to low delivery levels. Research conducted shows that a brand’s reputation is directly linked to its email marketing content deliverability. The brands with a sender score above 90 have a delivery report over 95% of their email marketing. Therefore whenever you plan email marketing campaigns, it is important to keep the best practices in mind to increase your brand reputation and email marketing delivery as well as adheres to the legal norms. This also improves your email marketing campaign’s ability to reach out to your customers with a value proposition and turn the prospective leads into profitable sales. You should increase your email marketing hit rate with interesting, yet genuine subject lines. This is the most important part of the email marketing content that will determine whether the recipient opens your email or not. It is most important to avoid words or phrases that are detected as Spam by the ISPs. It is also important to use some incentives in the subject line for the recipient to open your email. Research states that this trick increases the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign by up to 50%. However, avoid any exaggerations or tricks as this will surely lower your credibility and will also be detected as spam email marketing by the filters. It is also important to design your message correctly, to make your email marketing effective. In order to catch the reader’s attention quickly, you need clear communication of your core email marketing message and a call-to-action early in the message, so that it does not get lost before the reader gets bored or impatient of reading lengthy content. Ideally the reader should be able to get this information before he has to scroll down the email. Some studies also show that the upper left hand corner of the mailer gets the most attention, so it may help to put your logo or the punch-line message at this location in a new email marketing campaign. Setting up Auto-Responders can save your reputation as a lot of readers often forget that they have opted to receive your email marketing messages and may mark the email marketing content as Trash. This will be detrimental to your reputation & sender score and ultimately the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. It is therefore beneficial to set up auto reminders within a week or two to remind your customer about their option. This is also an opportunity to be used as an email marketing message and should have some additional or bonus content. Keeping these email marketing ideas in mind will go a long way in increasing your brand reputation.