Do Bloggers Need Email Marketing?

email marketing bloggersOften times when people hear the word “email marketing” they immediately think of coupons, special offers, product promotions, and even spam. It is for this reason why a lot of bloggers do not use email marketing. However, in doing so they rob themselves of the many benefits that email marketing can bring to their blogs. If used properly, email marketing can effectively drive an enormous amount of targeted traffic to blogs. If you are a blogger, then read on for you to learn how email marketing can help you grow your blog, increase your readership, and make you an authority in your niche.

Email marketing will help you reach a wider scope of audiences

It cannot be denied that social media’s Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the latest online communication trends nowadays. They are, in fact, very effective in helping you reach out to your readers. However, you need to keep in mind that not all people are on these social media platforms. Not all people are as addicted to Facebook or Twitter as what the media wants you to believe. On the other hand, almost all people these days have email addresses and are actively using them both for personal and business purposes. With email marketing, you can reach them effectively and convert them to readers.

Email marketing will help you increase your revenue

In general, bloggers can be categorised into two: bloggers who sell other merchant's products through affiliate marketing and those who sell their own products or services. If you belong to the first category, then you can use email marketing to keep your readers updated with your latest content. In the world of blogging, the more returning visitors you have the more sales you are likely going to make. Regular readers will eventually become devoted followers. They will trust you as an authority in your niche and in return purchase the products you recommend.

Email marketing will help you promote your own products effectively

On the other hand, if you belong to the second category of bloggers, then you can use email marketing to effectively promote your paid e-books, courses, coaching services, writing services, and the like. Email marketing unlike advertising, especially PPC advertising, is less costly but highly effective. Advertising your products can cost you more than what you can earn. On the other hand, subtle promotion through informative and engaging email marketing content will give you better chances of increased sales and repeat business from your devoted readers.

Email marketing is suitable for big blogs that require daily posting

If you have a large scale blog, then you will definitely benefit from using email marketing. Usually, big blogs do multiple posts in various categories daily. This can be too much for the readers to handle. As a result, there is a big possibility that they might not be able to read all the posts especially those that are important. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved through email marketing. With email marketing, owners of large scale blogs can effectively keep their readers updated with the posts that are relevant to their needs or interests. Alternatively the email could contain a summary of the topics for the day.