Creating Effective Email Marketing

  The following is a collection of points that can help make your email marketing work to its maximum potential. The Fold – Most people who read email marketing will usually only look at the top 5-7 cm of your email newsletter before deciding to continue reading or cease interest. It is vital to ensure that this section is the most eye catching and contains the most important information. The Subject – The most important bit of text in your email newsletter is the subject line. The subject line can cause readers to open your email marketing or mark it as spam and delete it. Take a little time to work out the best wording for your subject line, as well as testing to see which one works best based on the response you receive. Don’t clutter with too many colours and graphics – To ensure your email marketing is effective, don’t use too many colours, images and font changes. Doing this can confuse the message you’re trying to get across, leaving your subscribers off balance and uneasy about what’s being offered. Try to simplify your design and it will prove effective. Display your contact information – Every email newsletter should contain the contact information so that if a subscriber would like to know more, they can easily contact your business directly.