Creating an Effective Email Marketing Template Layout

A good email marketing template will highly contribute to the effectiveness and success of your email marketing. However, designing a captivating email marketing template is not straightforward but it is also not very complicated. An effective HTML email marketing template should be around 600 to 800 pixels in width because many email clients do not provide very wide preview window. When designing a template, you should value simplicity. You should understand that the shorter is your email the more effective it will perform. Your template should be inspired by the fact that people have become busy and will likely read your email on the go using various types of devices. The other major issue that you should consider when designing an email marketing template is the layout. You can choose a single column or multiple columns depending on the content that you are planning to send. The single column email marketing template is suitable for focused and succinct messages. Single column layout is also suitable for emails that require a call to action because they are easier to read. The multi columns email marketing template is suitable for emails with wide variety of content. The multi columns template is also suitable for emails with non-crucial content, which is best placed on the side bar. They work well for e-commerce and product based emails.