Bulk Email Service Requirements for Basic Broadcast Emails

Different companies and businesses use bulk email service for various reasons. If your company uses emails to reach a whole list of communications such as press releases and executive director among other simple event announcements, you will not likely need many complex features. You may only need a bulk email service with several standard features that will support your company professional image, workflow and provide information about the reader response. The basic bulk email service for broadcast emails should include list management features, administration features, message building features, reporting features and testing features. Under list management features, the bulk email service should enable you to add new constituents to your emails and keep database up to date. You should make sure that the bulk email service enables you to import a list, merge it with the existing list, eliminate duplicate email addresses and remove bad email addresses. It should also have an easy website integration that enables the clients to opt in signup and unsubscribe. Under the administration features, the bulk email service should have follow-up emails based on the supporters’ previous responses. Under the message features for a basic broadcast emails, the service should have easy design customizations through tools such as web forms and email templates. The content editor should also enable you to see what your constituents will see.