A Reason to Use an Email Newsletter Service.

email marketingAn email newsletter service simply refers to where broadcasted content is sent to subscribers through email on a recurring basis(daily, weekly or monthly).The content in the  email newsletter service is often seen as a valued editorial rather than commercial messages with sales offers. The main aim of an email newsletter service is to keep in touch with existing customers and other readers/bloggers. So why exactly does one need an email newsletter service? Most businesses believe in special treatment and rewards/benefits for their loyal customers, readers and members. In short, they appreciate those who support them and would like to show their appreciation in a tangible form. An email newsletter service ensures that your clients stay active, supportive and participative. Here are just some of the benefits that one can reap by using an email newsletter service; Guaranteed to reach your clients. Using a social network is a good marketing tactic but your updates can easily be missed. With an email newsletter service, (given that you send at the appropriate time) you are almost always guaranteed to reach your target audience since most people check their emails a lot more carefully. Access and ownership. Unlike social networks where you don’t own the data contained within (since the account may be closed or suspended anytime), an email marketing list is something that you can hold on to. It is also easier to set limits for yourself or integrate your newsletter within your blog. Announcement of new products. When launching new products, it is easier to get the best feedback via an email newsletter service. Tonnes of your email users will be able to get back to you with feedback on any products that you have introduced. Better targeting. The best part of an email newsletter service is that your target can be anywhere in the world. For an email newsletter to work more effectively as a marketing tool, you need to ensure that the information sent is relevant to the people receiving them in regards to their location. Saving money. Print ads and direct mail are very expensive and they often have a low return on investment. An email newsletter service is much more cost effective and it reaches a much bigger audience and thus a higher rate of response. An electronic newsletter does not need postage stamps or printing and therefore it is more cost effective to send out more newsletters. Maintains a healthy relationship with existing customers. It costs much less to up sell to existing customers than to new ones. An email newsletter service helps you to maintain communication with your existing customers and promote your goods and services on a regular basis. Improves professional image. A professional email newsletter service will elevate your business image and give you an edge over your competitors. It is also an excellent way of achieving brand recognition and if well-structured and branded, an email newsletter service will help keep your name in front of your clients regulary. Thousands of businesses and companies have benefited from using an email newsletter service as part of their marketing strategy and it has proven to be an invaluable tool.