Benefits of a Bulk Email Service in Business

bulk email serviceI have executed numerous marketing campaigns using traditional postal services, and I know how much it costs to deliver my offer to hundreds of potential customers. When using a bulk email service I save both time and money. It may take days or even weeks for my letters to be delivered to clients by post however a bulk email service ensures that my emails take just a few seconds to reach my customers' inbox. Using a bulk email service is also cost effective for me as I don't pay for paper, print ink, newspaper space, postal services and avoid other associated charges! Let us talk more about this cost-effective communication tool between me and my customers. Since the bulk email service usually sends email via direct send and via SMTP server, the use of a bulk email service for spamming is almost impossible! Bulk email service providers stay in touch with email providers and Internet security companies to ensure my emails bypass filters. By using a bulk email service, I can also add a personal touch to each mail! Instead of using ‘Dear Customer' I am able to insert customers' names. Most software packages for bulk email services are equipped with templates which help me make my campaign even more personalised. Nowadays, its kids play to use a bulk email service! All I need to know is how to navigate the web. Most of the hard to do stuff is done for me. Some service providers of bulk email service offer me a static IP. They also help me in increasing my customer base by offering email marketing; thus making a bulk email service as a very cost effective method of marketing products and services. I can stay in constant touch with my customers/prospective by using an effective bulk email service thereby achieving increased brand recall value. I don't like receiving the same email twice. The same logic applies to my customers too! A bulk email service makes sure that I send an email to a given address only once. Real time analysis such as opens, bounces, unsubscribes spam reports etc. are also the USPs of many bulk email services. Opt-in and opt-out mailing in a bulk email service helps me deliver direct to the target group. When my customers don't want to receive the required emails, they can easily opt out from mailing list.