A View of Email Marketing

Email Marketing
email marketing buttonOver the past few years, research has continued to provide evidence of the numerous benefits of email marketing for businesses. Those benefits include comprehensive tracking, lower costs, and high rates of conversion with email marketing software. Unfortunately, more and more each day, email marketing seems to become a spamming tool rather than a legitimate email marketing tool like it should be. Internet users are more aware these days when it comes to knowing the difference between permission based email marketing and spam email marketing. More consumers are now choosing to accept permission based email marketing as an excellent direct mailing replacement. Further good news for many email marketing service users is that an average of approximately 87 percent of consumers open their permission based emails. In fact, extensive marketing research shows that a highly effective email marketing campaign is capable of producing end profits that are as high as 18 to 20 times more than a broadcast mailing campaign. Putting together an effective email marketing campaign, whether you are using good email marketing software, it requires some practiced technique and here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your campaign: · NEVER SPAM! Although spam figures among consumers dropped a bit each recent year, your Email Marketing campaign should include only recipients who have opted in to receive Email Marketing from your company specifically. · Personalise your Email Marketing campaign. Try to personalise your email marketing efforts as much as possible and don’t assume that one size fits all. Consumers appreciate it when you have taken the time to make their email a bit more personal. · Make sure that your email marketing software includes good real-time tracking of your campaigns. It doesn’t do much good to run a campaign unless you know how effective your email marketing is on a regular basis.