A Few Things That Make Bulk Email Effective?

Bulk email marketing is a small fraction of marketing as a practice, but it stands in its own right with the weight it carries. Essentially bulk email marketing is dynamite in a very small and unassuming package. Many companies overlook it because they see it with the stigma of spam attached to it and want to distance themselves from that association, but for those who know what bulk email marketing truly is, the world of business is at their fingertips. This being said, with great power, comes great responsibility. One cannot expect to wield the power of email marketing without any thoughts to those they are sending to and expect to see a positive result. Keeping the contacts that you send to in mind is crucial to a successful email marketing. For who are they if not your reason for undertaking email marketing in the first place? All your efforts should be tailored to their needs and the end result of every facet of your campaign should be a direct result of what they as the audience will prefer. One tool that has been created for this cause is A/B split testing. This tool is essential to finding out “what works” for your subscribers. It essentially enables you to send out two campaigns (A & B) who compete against each other for opens. Which-ever campaign wins is the campaign that is selected for the main send. This helps allow your subscribers determine what kind of content they expect from your bulk email marketing.